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My name is Tracie Lowe. I am the Chief operations officer & Financial leader of Abundant FinLead

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My Story

Tracie has a background in Early Education and helping families is one of her passions. She
joined one of the fastest growing financial agencies in 2021, giving her just another avenue to
help families. She will help the agency create agencies in every state in the next 5 years. She
would like to have helped 100 families by the end of 2022. She has a goal of becoming a Senior
Marketing Director in the next 2 years.

She married her best friend, Jeremy, in 1997 and they made their home in Cheyenne WY. They
have 5 children; Guy, Brooklyn, Grady, Gavyn and Peyten. In addition they also have 3 dogs, 3
goats, 2 horses and chickens. Tracie’s hobbies also include golfing, crafting and hanging out
with her family.

Tracie will one day have her own agency and would also like to start a non-profit organization
that will help the foster care system.

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