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My name is Sonya Dillard. I am a Financial Leader of Abundant FinLead

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My Story

Sonya Dillard is currently a Safety Engineer for NASA in Huntsville, Alabama and is also working part-time in the financial services industry. Mrs. Dillard holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Michigan State University and a Master of Science degree in Project Management from Florida Institute of Technology. She is also a licensed insurance agent providing both life and health products.

Sonya’s passion for the financial services industry stems from over 20 years of experience helping friends and family learn the basic principles of budgeting, helping to increase credit scores, and ultimately purchasing homes and helping to make their dreams come true.

Mrs. Dillard is meticulous and works hard for her clients to ensure that needs are met and that she customizes recommendations to ensure a solid path for meeting their goals. Clients are met on their level and will be educated all the way throughout the process. With her down-to-earth personality and calm spirit, she shows that she takes the time to support her clients. An annual review will be given for each client, to assess any changes in their financial story. Sonya is always happy to walk with each client on their financial journey, she continues to perpetuate the mission of “No Family Left Behind”.


Mrs. Dillard has been successful in all walks of life and has a proven track record that is literally “out of this world”. She received Distinguished Levels of Performance for the last 3 years, NASA Safety and Mission Assurance Teamwork Award, NASA Silver Achievement Medal, NASA Silver Snoopy Award and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) awards for Outstanding Engineer, and the Region 3 Outstanding Service awards.

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