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My name is Rhonda Hoffman. I am a Financial Leader of Abundant FinLead

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My Story

Rhonda recently retired from her position as a teacher and moved back to her hometown in North Carolina.  As an educator, she realizes that our schools fall short in offering financial education.  She looks forward to doing her part in filling this educational void.

Although Rhonda’s degree is in education, her heart is in entrepreneurship.  As an entrepreneur, Rhonda grew a sizable real estate investment portfolio. Rhonda believes that through Limitless, she has the platform to combine her experience as an educator and her experience an entrepreneur to help many families. In addition, she wants to build a team of financial professionals who can also teach financial strategies, thus being able to impact the lives of many more families including her own.

Rhonda is the mother of one biological son and two adopted daughters.  Rhonda’s experience with adoption is quite different from most. She chose to adopt older children with special needs during her senior years and as a single parent. In addition to her children, Rhonda has two wonderful grandsons.  Rhonda is extremely proud that because of her relationship with Limitless, her children and grandchildren have learned and implemented strategies that will have a major positive influence on their futures.

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