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My name is Nick Bosley. I am the Executive Vice Chairman and Founder of Limitless Leadership Development the parent team of Abundant FinLead.

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My Story

Nick Bosley is the CEO and founder of Limitless Leadership Development, one of the fastest growing teams in the financial industry. Throughout the pandemic Nick and his team experienced over a 900% growth in one year.

His vision for his team is to promote one thousand new senior marketing directors in this decade. He also has a vision that his team will be in all fifty states, all providences of Canada, and Puerto Rico. 

Nick is a father to 3 children; Gracyn, Nicholas, and Gavin. He is married to his better half, Celeste,  who he met in this business when he started in 2014. They currently live in Brentwood Tennessee.

One of Nick's biggest visions is to create a ministry to provide housing to families struggling financially, or that are in significant amounts of debt. He wants to allow these families to live in housing rent free, and take what they would be paying for rent, or a mortgage, and apply it to becoming debt free and building an emergency fund. While they live in the housing, the families will be provided with a free financial coach to help forever change their financial future. 

Nick lives the 5 F's: Faith, Family, Finance, Fitness, and Fun.

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